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Meet Our Team

We are proud of having those amazing people on our team. They help to run our company every day and offer you great experiences.

Our Drivers

All of our drivers are fully qualified and have the needed commercial licenses. They are insured. We also pay attention to their personal and professional needs and offer chauffeuring courses and classes as well as help with further education.

  • Jared joined our team the first one and he has been a professional chauffeur for 10 years now. He adores jazz music and will get you to your destination just on time.
  • Mike loves driving and can’t imagine his life doing something else. He also loves retro-cars and limos, that’s why he joined our team!
  • There is something about Kevin that makes people like him immediately. He can talk with you about everything in the world and you won’t even notice when you finally arrive at your destination. He loves driving and he worked for a car company previously.
  • Tim started his driving experience as a truck driver and he loved driving across the country. He still adores big cars, so he is our main shuttle bus driver. Tim can also be an interesting guide, as he knows plenty of local stories.
  • You will never be bored after a ride with Barron. He loves reading and cross-country running. He also worked as a middle school running coach, so motivating people and working with them is his main passion.

Our Staff

  • Roger Finley.
    Roger is our CEO and the walking inspiration for everyone in the office. He helps us run everything and keeps it smooth for you.
  • Peter DeMarco.
    As long as we remember him, Peter was a car guy. He is our account manager and he is in charge of car negotiations. He chooses our next limos and tries to get the best deals.
  • Yvonne Craig.
    Yvonne is an amazing operator, who is extremely fond of dealing with people. If you have any questions, she will help you find your answers. She can also schedule everything for you and help you choose the best car.
  • Mariah Jones.
    Mariah is our accountant who can also help you choose the best option and will negotiate the prices with you.
  • David Willer.

David is a professional mechanic. He is one of those people who are extremely passionate about their jobs and who know everything about their specialty. He keeps our car running and can handle practically any issue. David also checks cars before each ride, so he will never endanger you.

If you want to become our driver or join our company, give us a call. We are in the process of hiring now, so we can schedule something!