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About Us

We are a young company that tries to make your days out and group tours better and more pleasant than it was before. Our outlook on the industry is completely different, as we strive to bring the limo services from classique to modern. We specialize in renting limos, however, recently we started renting buses for city tours. We believe that limos are not just a beautiful old way of transportation, but a brand new and modern one too.

Why Choose Us

  • We have a fresh vision.
    While many companies try to be old-fashioned and stylish, we are trying to change the whole way the industry looks. Limos are modern, not outdated!
  • We offer you professional
    All of our drivers pass different tests, they are fully insured, have state licenses and are experienced. We work hard to hire the best drivers, so our clients are safe and will never encounter rude or bad behavior.
  • We have a huge fleet.
    We buy the best cars and there are many models in our fleet, so you will never leave our office unsatisfied. We can juggle something and find a cheaper, older model for you or we can give you a brand-new limo.
  • We can offer you a wide range of extra services.
    If you need special features, stuff for kids, bars, dancing rooms, chaperones, guides, we can offer you that. As we also do group tours, our guides can promise you an interesting and insightful trip.
  • All of our drivers are locals.
    Not only it means that we offer local folks a chance to try something new and develop themselves, but it also means that you are guaranteed special comfort. Our drivers know every inch of the local road, so they know how to build your route the best way.

We hope that you decide to give us a call and try our services out. Our company guarantees you the best experience and great time!